Amelie (The Prince's Attaché)


Seneschal: Amelie (The Prince’s Attaché)


Amelie is a waifish pixie-girl with close-cropped dark
hair, wearing a black pinstripe suit just a bit too large for her. (This was what Donal demanded she wear, and if the characters catch her unawares, she might have dressed in a white wife-beater and a pair of baggy cargo pants.) Amelie has long been Donal’s attaché—she has served as advisor, liaison, and lover for a pair of decades. It was not her choice; her sire (long dead) made the first of many grievous errors and as a result was forced to give his childe to the Prince as restitution. The Prince bound her to him and came to love her. She, too, came to love him but only because of the bond.

Amelie (The Prince's Attaché)

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