Don Vito Giovanni (The Boss)

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Mob Boss: Don Vito Giovanni (The Boss)
The Mob
Vito Giovanni was a Capo in the Chicago Mob when he took twenty soldiers and left for Night City. During the development of Night City, Giovanni took a foothold in the Northwestern section of the city, now known as Little Italy. He established a base of operations, setting up a protection scheme, as well as resources for money laundering, illegal gambling and drug trafficking. He named himself Godfather of the new Giovanni Family and appointed his most loyal soldiers as Underboss, Consigliere and as his Capos. His family is generically known as The Mob in Night City.

As Boss, he is not known as being unnecessarily violent, but will not hesitate to handle problems with swift action. His territory is unchallenged, partly because of support within the community. He is a difficult man to reach, and is rarely seen outside the confines of his compound in Little Italy and always flanked by two, very large, serious looking men. He is very much behind the scenes, but intimately in control of organized criminal activity in Night City.

Don Vito Giovanni (The Boss)

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