Grolsch (The Brown Recluse)

Primogen Nosferatu


Primogen: Grolsch (The Brown Recluse)

Grolsch is the king of the subterranean spaces, and can be found in every shadow and around every dark corner in the city (hence his epithet, the Brown Recluse). But despite being the leader of the Nosferatu warren beneath the city, he’s alarmingly political as far as the Freaks go—he’s forever active in campaigning and politicking for his own weird pet causes. Grolsch wears a mask the is supposedly bolted to his misshapen face. The story goes that his face is so hideous that it can kill mortals and scar vampires that look upon it. Grolsh is often in conflict with a nosferatu named Karl, the not-so-powerful leader of a rag-tag Unaligned neonate coterie known as the “Red Scare.” and the nosferatu media host <nolan’s> but is unable to give them the final death as the prince forbids it.

Grolsch (The Brown Recluse)

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