Owen (The Ludicrous)

Master of Elysium


Master of Elysium: Owen (The Ludicrous)

Owen’s Elysium is full of vampiric “bread and circuses.” He is the king of pomp and circumstance, establishing lunatic carnivals and orgies and balls to keep the city’s Kindred amused (and to keep them from ripping out each other’s throats). Owen himself is, as his name suggests, ludicrous. If the vampires of the city released a “Blackwell’sWorst Dressed” list of the year, he’d be top of the list every time. Yes, it’s high fashion, but in the lowest way possible. Owen didn’t like the Prince—ruse or no, he found Donal slovenly, careless and
a real lout. But he also recognized that the Price was the one who put him in the role and who kept him there.

Owen (The Ludicrous)

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