Little Italy

Little Italy
It’s known as little Italy-a grimy, low rent district of the City, nudging up against the towers of the Corporate Center. It roots run deep Into local history; It was from little Italy’s assorted small storefronts and backroom vice dens that the Mob launched Its bid to wrest control of the City from developer Richard Night.
1. Julius Electronics:
One small chain of electronics retailers featuring a spread of electronics from microchips to high quality finished merchandise. Julius is a good, standard source for the technician needing anything or everything for that special job at hand. Security Level: 1

2. Cybertemps:
A local agency for temporary office help, specializing in office operations technicians, receptionists, language processors, data entry techs, and office managers. Cybertemps can provide an office full of works – and all the equipment they’ll need to be productive. Security Level: 1

3. Continental Detective Agency, Night City Branch:
This is one of the oldest such firms, with over a hundred years of experience. Today’s Continental Ops assist corporate and private clients with all phases of investigative and security work. Continental has offices in most major cities throughout the world, and is even planning to put one in New Albuon. Security Level: 2

4. Guido’s Fashion Trim:
Not just a barber shop, Guido’s has all the services for modern personal fashion grooming. This establishment is slanted toward services for male clientele. It is frequented by the now resurgent Mob, and is a a good source for middle-class gangster gossip. Security Level: 1

5. Night City Police Department, Precinct #2 HQ:
The NCPD is housed in a no-nonsense structure which had bullet-proof glass and additional security systems installed in 2000 in response to the Mob move-in. The building layout is very straightforward with no frills or decorations to mar the strict functionality of the place. The armory is well-guarded, and the motor pool is in an underground garage inaccessible to the public. The evidence warehouse occupies the core of the building from the basement to the second floor from the top. Its walls are built of reinforced masonry. The warehouse can only be entered from the basement. NCPD is very serious about protecting their evidence.

Besides the regular administrative and laboratory facilities, the NCPD also has a bunkhouse and a cafeteria/recreation hall; these are the two buildings on the southwest corner of the block.

The building on the north side of the block contains the Marksman, a paid-access shooting range. The NCPD has permanent privileges here, but the public is also welcome to come to practice. The range is secretly owned by Pentex; they surreptitiously check shooters’ accuracy, and keep them on file for prospective employment if they’re good.

Wedged between the range and the NCPD cafeteria is the Urban Ranger, a military surplus store. The NCPD often come here to pick up extra equipment and/or uniforms. Needless to say, security is good, although there’s not much call for it. Firearms are not sold here, or so they say. Security Level: 3

6. Franciscini’s Cafe:
A popular meeting place for the business lunch and Mover dinner set. This is a good place to dine with reasonable privacy if you have the cash to match the decor. Security Level:1

7. The Clinic
A surgery parlor. Very competent and resourceful, with prices at 200% markup costs for body change operations. The Clinic has access to all prosthetic technology available in Night City, and their doctors are the best, with enhanced results and a virtually nonexistent failure rate. Security Level: 1

8. Southwest Pacific Rim Trust Co.:
This is a full-service bank distinguished by ties to the new money from Indochinese profiteers. Security Level: 2

9. Billi G. Productions:
A concert promoter, Billi G. is the Ms. Rock of Night City. Both an agent and an impresario, Billi has the clout to arrange the best rates and working conditions in town, and her clients benefit accordingly. Two band represented by her are Good Rhythmic Noise and Synthetic Skin currently on the Billboard Top 10. Security Level: 1

10. Protective Lightning:
This security systems company specializes in hardware and computer-controlled robotic installations. Their security machinery defends many important establishments throughout town. Protective Lightning has even contributed to the famous defenses at Playland-By-The-Beach, a well-known amusement park. Security Level: 2

11. Warder’s Travel Agency:
Travel agencies are much the same as fifty or sixty years ago – a place to get travel tickets away from the airport or bus station. With modem use of the Net, Warder;s can book you onto any ride or into any hotel room at a 5% markup on normal ticket prices. Security Level: 1

12. Stafford Metro Productions:
Movie producers: This is the business office (only) of a film production company that runs recording crews at various studio locations, primarily for TV productions. Stafford also produces items for the Theater/Home Video market. Security Level: 1

13. KJBR Studios:
This broadcast station serves Night City via TV and radio. KJBR is a standard on receivers all around Night City and its environs, 24 hours a day, providing a variety of popular programmin. It’ best known personality is Rockaby Rozalyn, one of Night City’s leading DJs. Security Level: 1

14. Tokyo East Luxury Apartments:
This is a high-rent building for corporate executive personnel. Accommodations at thus facility are suitably luxurious, and the security is the best. Security Level: 2

15. Wilson and Company:
This relatively small investment firm has seats on all the world’s stock markets. The firm provides investment counselling, as well as information about activities in the Night City financial community. Security Level: 1

16. Beppo’s Trattoria:
Beppo’s restaurant was an important dining spot before the Mob showed up. Beppo maneuvered the situation so that his restaurant became the neutral ground, open to all mob business, and off limits to violence (and the police). Beppo serves a mean plate of spaghetti marinara, and a meatball sandwich to die for. Security Level: 0

17. Social Services Agency:
This building once housed the local state-funded services for Night City. When the economy collapsed, all the state-funded services: welfare, unemployment, etc., went with it. After the collapse nobody knew what to do with this building. The civil authorities wanted to reopen it under some sort of corporate sponsorship, but the corporations declined the honor. When the Mob reentered the city, they bought the building and renovated it for a different type of social service – a middle-class brothel. Since prostitution was legalized in the early 2000’s in the city, the brothel is an excellent source of legal income for the Mob. Security Level: 1

18. Artists’ Supplies by Cagliari:
Real artists go to San Francisco or Los Angeles, but there are some diehard creative types in Night City, supported by the connoisseurship of the corporate nouveau riche, and the dollars of their ad departments. Mona Lisa Cagliari’s shop has a great selection of materials for all modern artistic medias, with reasonable prices. *Security Level: 1

19. Chrome Ring Gym #46:
This athletic club is nominally a branch of the well-known nationwide chain. It is also the HQ of the enforcement arm of the Mob, where they gather to gossip work out, and receive orders. Security Level: 2

20. Tamalpais Crimson Winery:
This is a front business used by Mob accountants to launder illicit funds. In addition, the winery actually ferments grapes and markets in annual vintage. Security Level: 1

21. Night Age Loan Company:
This pawn shop is where you go to meet the local loan shark. Corporate types sometimes patronize Mob loansharks to cover business shortfalls, or to make up the difference between a preferred lifestyle and nasty reality. Security Level: 1

22. Doctor Bill’s Sanitarium:
Local Dr. William Galen selected this as the site for his clinic. Besides conventional surgery, Galen is available for street trade in optional surgery and “trauma recovery services” (he gets lots and lots of Mob business). There is a pad on the roof for aerial “deliveries”. Security Level: 1

23. Black’s Shirt Shop:
A conventaional haberdashery, most catering to Mob members, and also serving as a Mob money launderer. Black’s features traditional and modern fashions, plus extreme versions of the same. Security Level: 1

24. Balboa Aeronautics:
This is nominally a designer and manufacturer of aircraft, but the premises also serve as offices for many illicit Mob enterprises. Most Mob hackers use Balboa’s back room as a base of operations. There is a largish mainframe computer supporting the hackers. Security Level: 2

25. Da Vinci Somatic Artistry
This is a fancifully named bodysculpting parlor. Da Vinci does a fair trade, but its reported gross is often enhanced by money laundering. A good place to get illegal plastic surgery or new, unlicensed face and prints (if you’ve already fixed it up with Boss SKiv.) Security Level: 1

26. Empty Building
This building has stood empty for the last year. The contractor who owns it is planning to renovate it into a hotel. The Mob is also trying to buy the building, and is stalling the contractor’s building loan to stop him. Security Level: 0

27. Arbathy Townhouses:
This building houses a series of upscale condominiums. Manny upper-level mobsters live here, with the occasional well-to-do outsider throw in for cover. Security Level: 2

28. The Falcone Building:
This massive (and very intimidating) structure holds some three dozen smaller establishments, concentrating on manufacturing and distribution. It is believed that the entire basement level is a giant drug lab, run and operated by the Mob. Security Level: 1

Little Italy

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