The Slaughterhouse

The Slaughterhouse:
Among the many gangs in the NorthSide district, the Slaughterhouse are considered the worst of the bad news.. Most hardcore members skirt the edge of psychosis, and will kill at a moment’s notice. If not for a lack of initiative, the Slaughterhouse would be the most dangerous gang in the city, freely committing crimes ranging from armed robbery to first degree murder.

For some time, this gang has been in an ongoing war with the The Mob; both groups hate each other and will attack on sight. Most other gangs in the immediate area are afraid of the Slaughterhouse, and leave them well alone.

The Slaughterhouse’s only membership requirements are a desire to pack as many blades in (or onto) your body as possible, and a total disregard for human life.

The Butcher: Slaugtherhouse.jpg
The Carver: carver.jpg
Skinsaw: skinsaw.jpg
The Slaughterman: slaughterman.jpg
Alice: serial_killer_by_bradygoldsmith-d64yupf.jpg
Creeper: thecreeper.jpg
Nightmare Joe: thefuck.jpg

Tag: A butcher knife done in red.

Colors: The Slaughterhouse has no colors but are easily recognized as each member looks to be some grotesque horror.

The Slaughterhouse

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