Bank Block

The Bank Block Is the financial heart of the city. For while It’s true that the corporations run the city; they couldn’t do It without the aid of the banks. It has been said that If the corporate
center Is the “brain” that runs the city, then the bank Block must be the"heart". It pumps the stuff that keeps the brain functioning: cash.

Befitting the “heart” of the City, the streets are always clean here, just as the corporations would have it. The Bank Block is a fitting testament to life in 2020: the world is a nice clean
place as long as you have the cash to keep the scum away.


  1. The Night City Stock Exchange and Trade Center
    Building: This building contains trading areas for all of the
    world’s major securities, stock and commodities markets, as
    well as brokerage offices for several firms. Included for each
    market are computer marketing and telecommunications
    areas, which handle part of the business automatically, and
    trading pits where deals are made in the good, old-fashioned
    push-and-shove manner. Depending on the market or
    particular commodity, deals are either processed strictly
    through computer, or by humans in the pit. Proper
    identification is required to get to the electronic sales areas or
    the pits. The building is active 24 hours a day, as there is
    always a market open somewhere. Security at the exchange
    is provided by a detachment of city police. Computer security
    is extremely heavy, to prevent tampering with world markets.
    Security level:3
  1. The Ashcroft Hotel:
    This is Night City’s largest. most expensive, and most exclusive
    hotel. It is run by the wealthy Ashcroft-Hammersmith family
    from England, and favored by wealthy European corporates,
    tourists, celebrities and big shots. The hotel is the ultimate in
    luxury and service; rooms and suites renting from 300 to
    5000 dollars per night There are several fine restaurants
    and expensive shops in the hotel, as well. Security is provided
    by plain clothes operatives contracted from Dieter-Kauffman
    AG, one of the largest German security firms, and is guaranteed
    in writing. Reservations are a necessity. The on-site
    representative of the family, and manager of the hotel is
    Winifred Ashcroft-Hammersmith. As she is reclusive and
    eccentric, her daughter Julia does much of the actual work.
    security Level:3
  1. The Night City Medical Center.
    This is the closest thing Night City has to a medical school and
    research hospital. While not in the business of accepting
    charity cases, this hospital does treat patients who subscribe
    to most of the available health insurance plans, and it accepts
    emergency and Trauma Team cases. It offers these services
    because it is Night City’s largest hospital, and because it is
    also annexed to Night City’s most prestigious medical
    research school. Security throughout most of the hospital is
    reasonably light. with notably strict areas confined to the VIP
    wards, emergency room, and the biomedical research areas.
    There is an armed security team on call at all times. Hot areas
    of research at the medical school are bio engineered
    enhancement and augmentation, and biological
    nanotechnology (biological computers, memory systems,.
    and biological/cytological micro-robotics).
    Sewrlty level:2
  1. Night City Technical College:
    This is a typical, urban technical college, of the variety that
    advertises itself on late-night video. Here, the aspiring
    student can earn a valuable associate degree in computer
    tech or programming, secretarial services, security and law
    enforcement. basic cybertech, auto or aircraft repair,
    emergency medical technician certification, professional game
    design, and so on.

Bank Block

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