Corporate Center

Uke any modern metropolis, Night City Is always In a state of flux. Over the years, most neighborhoods and districts wend their way through a tortuous cyde, alternating between
fashion and disrepair. But one area stands as an exception. It Is all landscaped plazas and sculpted architecture. There are no cracks In the sidewalks, the streetlights always work, and there Is always a police officer around If you need him, although he may not draw his salary from City Hall. From these wide, orderly streets rise the skyscrapers, lofty and serene over the chaos that Is most of the urban ground level, spearing dagger like through the grey smog above. This Is the Corporate Center, true focus of power In the city. Most of the major office towers are located in the Corporate Plaza, a circular area encompassed by Plaza Drive. The Corps spare no expense in the area’s upkeep. This is reflected in the relative safety and elegance of the district. Persons who look or act out of place are liable to be stopped and questioned by corporate or city police. Those who can’t adequately justify their presence will most likely find themselves quietly but quickly escorted out of the area. The blocks surrounding the Plaza are not quite so tightly controlled as the Plaza itself, but they have a high corporate ambiance, and are upscale enough to warrant a considerable, though discreet, police presence. The area is active twenty-four hours a day ,although noticeably
more so during business hours, when most of the workforce is active and the majority of the area’s restaurants, boutiques and shopping courts are open. Vehicular traffic varies trom very heavy, during commute hours, to light or moderate in the middle of the night. The Corporate Plaza is extensively serviced by city transit and there are three large transit stations arranged around the circle of Plaza Drive, serving both bus and subway. These are North Plaza at Meridian and Plaza Drive; 14th Street at Plaza and 14th; Williams Street at
Plaza and Williams, and Plaza West at Plaza and 14th. There are also bus stops at one block intervals along all bus routes. In the Plaza itself, one is likely to find corporate executives and
service personnel, shoppers, city and corporate police/security. at night, the percentage of shoppers and executives decreases, and the percentage of police, security and service personnel increases. At night the police pay special attention to the area bordering the park and the transit stations. The population and composition of the areas peripheral to the plaza varies depending on whether the blocks are commercial, or residential.


  1. Night City Bank:
    A West Coast mini-bank, not favored by the corporate crowd.
    Clientele is mostly service personnel and immigrant labor.
    This building is the Night City head office.
  1. The Rainbow Nights Dance Club:
    The Rainbow Nights Dance Club is a fairly large 24-hour club,
    with a huge dance floor. Most of their acts are local small timers, with crowds being consistently large, but generally tractable. Once or twice a month, however, they get a big
    headliner. VVhen that happens, the neighborhood chokes up with a huge number of gangers, junkies, and just plain rowdy kids. The crime rate in the area goes up on these
    nights, and the City and Corporations deploy extra police. The club occupies the entirety of a large, low building covering almost half the block. There is a main entrance out front. and a smaller, secure entrance on the back alley. There are fire exits all around which can be opened from the inside only. The roof is bare. Inside is an enormous dance floor with
    a stage at one end, and a bar at the other. There are offices located in the large backstage area. Security is tight at all times, and doubly so when they have a big act. Don’t expect to get in without a ticket or a hell of a fight
  1. The Corporate Showing:
    A small, select art theater that shows old films. Often used by
    the corporate set for clandestine meetings. Admission is
    17.50$ per showing, and the seats are very comfortable.

12 Kuramoto Galleries
A large, exclusive art gallery, catering to Night City’s wealthier
residents. The gallery showcases modem and classical art of
all varieties, and often hosts invitation-only auctions. Security
is provided by an on-site team of German ex military. Yamiko
Kuramoto, an aging, wealthy dowager-daughter of the
Kuramoto family runs this gallery. The family also operates
galleries in New York, Tokyo and Berlin.

  1. The Kuroshlta Hotel and Convention Center:
    This is an expensive, stylish business hotel favored by Japanese
    corps, tourists and others The Kuroshita is known for discretion
    and elegance. Security is in·house, consisting of uniformed
    officers and plain clothes officers, all armed. The Kuroshita is also
    a popular spot for business and trade conventions. There is a
    50% chance that the hotel will be hosting a convention at any
    given time .
  1. The Parkview Tower:
    This is the grand-daddy of them all; the most luxurious,
    expensive and secure residential tower in the city. It is twice
    as expensive as the next door Plaza East Tower. Security
    consists of armed plain clothe sagents contracted from Arasaka,
    and is accordingly tight. Residents vary among local millionaires
    and billionaires, foreign arms merchants, dictators, corporate
    heads, celebrities, and Night City corporate VIPs.
    Parkview has its own infirmary and tactical go team on call at all times.
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Corporate Center

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