East Marina

The East Marina was the original home of most of Night City’s commerce and shipping. However, in 2017, shipping traffic is usually in bulk or modular cargo vessels; as a result, most incoming shipping is loaded and unloaded at the new container port in South

Nonetheless, the whole area retains a certain maritime air, thanks to the many smuggler and small-time dockworkers in the locale. The East Marina’s many small dock and hangouts are also home to the local pirates: small groups of nomads who occasionally raid smuggling ships in their heavily armed, high powered speedboats. It has been said that anyone can find anything in the East Marina, as long as the look hard enough and are willing to pay the price to its shadowy denizens.


A6#1 Joe’s Diner:
This is a traditional, human-staffed ‘fast food’ joint, part of the
quarter’s quaint atmosphere. In addition to the tourists, local
working people frequent this eatery seeking their workday
provender. Gang elements are excluded by the regular
patrons, who wish to eat undisturbed, and are quite willing
to rip your head off to make sure things stay that way.
Security Level:O

A6#2 Pier Three Paradise:
This is a typical renovation of the cavernous warehouse associated
with this obsolete finger pier. This conversion features a big rentaspace
flop parlor, an “exotic” sch lock chain restaurant catering to
low/middle level corporates, and an all-night bar.
Security Level:l

A6#3 Wierd Stuff:
Weird Stuff is the ultimate expression of techie heaven. The
owners appear to have bought every odd lot of leftover spare
parts on the Pacific seaboard. Techs can often find replacement
parts or equipment due to the vast collection of unorganized
miscellany assembled here. Pirates and smugglers often
unload their electronic booty here.
Security Level: 1

A6#4 Universal Export:
This is a consulting firm specializing in sea freight tariffs and
standard shipping routes. UE is also rumored to b~ a front
for a secret smuggling ring.
Security Level: 1

A6#5 United Express:
This small-package courier service guarantees delivery of
“anything smaller than a breadbox” anywhere in within 24-30 hours.
Security Level: 1

A6#6 ILLW Hiring Hall:
While labor unions are in something of a decline in the
Cyberpunk era, the ILLW still controls the longshoremen and
technical crews who load and unload the ships stopping at
Night City. The ILLW is the last bastion of the organized labor
movement in this area.
Security Level:O

A6#7 Stallion Slough Shipyard:
This is the local office of Night City’s only major shipyard.
The main facility, located a few miles to the south, can build
hulls up to 5,000 tons standard displacement Stallion
Slough’s Night City facility is a rat’s nest of small docks,
cubbyholes and berths where the local pirate fleet
occasionally hides its larger vessels.
Security Level:2

A6#8 Baltic Real Estate Co:
Baltic is a specialist realtor, dealing exclusively with commercial
real estate in the Maritime area. Baltic deals in factory and
warehouse space, although some office suites are also handled.
Security Level: 1

A6#9 Lucky Barber Shop
A unisex clip joint. frequented by Korean and Chinese
gangsters. In the wake of the Second World War, a
number of Taiwanese, Indonesian and Philippine pirate tong
members have relocated to the NorCal region and are joining the local pirate groups. A good place for Nomads to pick up
work, or ex-Navy to make contacts.
Security Level:O

A6#10 Eastern Star Novelty Co.
Yet another front organization, this almost legitimate (it
makes money) importer of exotic toys from all around the
world is also the West Coast station for the Chinese secret
service. Separate from the consular contacts with the business
world, Eastern Star is a hub of espionage and other deviltry in
the coastal region.
Security Level:2

A6#11 Prudhoe Pride Oil Co.
Oil is almost as big a business as ever; the reserves are good for at
least thirty more years, and there’s a lot of money to be made now
that the Arabs are out of business (especially in plastics). PPO has
refineries and storage tanks in the Bay area.
Security Level: 1

A6#12 Reunification Hall and Social Club
This is a facility where small and large groups rent rooms to hold
meetings. The Night city Recreation Department rents this hall
a lot for various youth functions. Concerts are held occasionally.
Security Level:0

A6#13 Arcade Arcade
This is also a youth facility, although on an individual use basis.
It is a typical arcade, occupying the second floor of its
building, with visual-mechanical interfaces, as well as games
played only by VR. The well-patronized fast food bar
is a popular feature of Arcade Arcade.
Security Level:O

A6#14 Good Night Rooms and Coffins
This is a flophouse on the first floor of the Arcade building; a
suitable address for the streetscum who doesn’t have a van to
live in. Good Night features stand-up rooms with and
without bath, as well as coffin-sized sleeping bag spaces.
Security Level:O

A6# 15 Blue Light Special Sales
Local rockers know that equipment from Blue Light is right up
therewith the best. Axes, consoles, amps, process computers,
and a full line of musician’s ware are featured at the fullservice
warehouse and sales center occupying the entire first
floor of this building.
Security Level: 1

A6#16 Decker, Tanaka & Rogers
One of the giants in the shipping business, D, T& R is famous for its modem shipping fleet. This building is the office for
the Night City area. The loading facilities are in South
Night City. D,T&R are always looking for escorts on
freighters heading for the Pacific Rim. They will provide
food and lodging in return for protection from pirates. An
excellent way to leave the country.
Security Level: 1

East Marina

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