Medical Center

This section of town Is known as the Medical Center, thanks to the concentration of health-oriented businesses found here. This area Is one most crowded In the city. Riled with offices, the two-building Convention Center,the Transit Center, Crisis MedIcal Center, etc., the human traffic In this area Is of such a volume that the city has started constructing a new roads to interconnect this section of the city.

This upscale environment was designed right from the start the first zoning ordinances gave special consideration to Trauma Team and Crisis Medical, among others. This has also
kept this area of town clean even through the worst years, as the security around here is tight. lately, though, with the development of the Transit Center and the labor troubles at
the Post Office, concern has been voiced that even this area will begin to fall to the gangs. Alarmed by this possibility, and seeing what has been happening to Medical Block. security
has been redoubled.


Municipal Criminal Justice Complex:
Towering over most of the city’s buildings, the dark blue mirrored glass of this Corporate funded monolith perfectly complements the cold, clean look PR officials desire for the local judicial system. Inside its grand tower and subterranean passages is one of the most efficient examples of the modern justice system at work. Housed here you will find the Night City Police Precinct #1, the city arraignment courts, jail cells, rehabilitation areas, a police academy, and simulators for the officers, as well as the normal offices, file rooms, and vehicle and weapons training and maintenance areas required by a police force.

Regular visitors (both workers and inmates) call this edifice ‘The Muckjuck’ (from MuCjuC), but this does not be little its impressiveness in anyone’s eyes. Sort of like joking about A-bombs.
Security level:4

  1. The Grand Illusion:
    The Grand Illusion is one of the hottest rock clubs Known for its three bars and hot dance floor, many ‘big name’ artists got their start in this club and pay homage
    to it by appearing under assumed names.
    Unbeknownst to most., Johnny Silverhand and KenyEurodyne
    bought the club in 2012. They did not announce it publicly.
    Driven by memories and using their influence, they have
    begun an open mike night on Thursdays which is regular
    attended by an executive of Universal Records. the label
    under which both men record.
    The Grand Illusion exists for one purpose only: Music. While
    patrons are encouraged to party, the security here is very
    strict. All weapons must be checked at the door, and
    everyone is scanned. When leaving, patrons have their
    weapons returned, even if they are illegal. It’s all a part of the
    trust that the club uses to get cyberpunks to part with their
    weapons. The ex-Samurai band men are working their way
    towards the dream of a nonviolent future.
    Security level: 1
  1. The Afterlife:
    This converted mortuary has three different areas, “The
    Antechamber,” “The Crypt.,” and “Hades”, which are all
    inhabited by hard-drinking, hard·fighting ass holes who come
    here to enjoy the atmosphere and the camaraderie. As one
    delves deeper into the Afterlife, each successive chamber
    becomes darker and more dangerous, with Hades being filled
    with the combat veterans who hire out for the highest prices.
    The Afterlife might best be described as a cross between a
    country-western bar and a motorcycle guild hall. The sound
    system plays a variety of martial music and Gothic rock,. and
    the closest thing to dancing is the occasional brawl. But this
    is a pro’s club, no one needs to prove themselves; their
    presence here is proof enough. Any brawls are strictly for fun;
    no one wants to smear each other, but they do play hard. Although many people come to the Afterlife to hire professionals, a larger proportion pos tmessage son a marquee which circulates proposals throughout the bar. Those who do enter the bar
    do so at their own risk. and have paid the price in the past
    Security Level:1
    84#9 Amerline Depot
    This is the central nervous system of Amerline (a national
    system of charter buses). The Airport Shuttle
    also uses this depot as a base of operations in Night City.
    Not wishing the terminal to become the stereotypical home
    of drug addicts and prostitutes, Ameriline hired a private
    security force to maintain the area and keep it free of
    “undesirables.” Despite these efforts, there has been a
    resurgence of crime (due to a contract dispute with the bus
    line’s contract security).
  1. Crisis Medical Center.
    This hospital has one of the most advanced modem-day
    Trauma Centers in the world. Many of the surgeons employed
    at the Center have combat surgery experience from anyone
    of the Central American conflicts and are very efficient at
    quickly repairing any damage done to the body. though the
    repair may not necessarily be “pretty”. Although work is done
    here without questions, many of the critical cases are only
    transferred to the City Medical Center if their insurance will
    cover the extended care.

Medical Center

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