Old Downtown

Originally the center of the township of Night City, the Old Downtown area has since fallen to urban decay. Only the solid presence of City Medical has prevented this area from tumbling Into a slum. Gangs are common, and night time Is dangerous, especially when the Rangers are playing a home game.

Expect to see a lot more shooting here in the next few months.


  1. NightCity Medical Center:
    This hospital is the most modern on the West Coast, and the
    prices show it. Although they do have some overflow
    clientele from Crisis Medical, most of their patients are in
    need of expensive treatments requiring extensive stays. At
    6000 day fora non-private room, you can guess why only
    the very rich can afford to stay here. The aforementioned
    non-private rooms are very rare at the Center, and the private
    rooms at the top of the tower are truly comparable to a Luxury
    suite at almost any hotel in the city. Obviously, most people
    choose out-patient status.

Old Downtown

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