City Center

Governmental nexus and hub of the City government. See your taxes at work!

Theoretically, Night City is actually a Corporate Controlled Democratic Mayorality; in which the ten largest corporations get to place their own board members on the city council. The Mayor is ostensibly chosen from an open field of candidates who are elected by popular vote; however it’s commonly accepted that Night City’s voter-registration has been so heavily compromised by Corporations that a real election is all but impossible.

The corps own the city, but the mayor is now taking steps to regain municipal powers lost in the last decade. This is making him very unpopular with the corporations.


1. Night City City Hall:
City Hall is done entirely in wood and is styled to imitate the colonial government houses of the East Coast. Recent advances in wood technology keep this building looking clean and glossy with minimal maintenance costs. The City Hall is always bustling with lobbyists, special interest groups, corps, execs, and even a few government employees. Occasionally, something even gets don there. Security Level: 3

2. Night City Justice Courthouse:
The City Court is never a pleasant place to go, but a lot of punks seem to end up visiting it at one time or another. The entire building is done in a Brutalist style, from the giant pillars ringing the exterior of the building to the four-meter black steel interior doors set in the cold, smooth stone walls. Everything in this building is oversized, designed expressly to intimidate anyone who crosses the threshold through the six-meter front doorway (with portcullis!). Inside, sounds echo as in a giant tomb.

Civil concerns are handled on the lower floors, where the architecture is a little more friendly. This is where a person goes to file birth certificates, transfer titles, etc. But they make sure you pass through the criminal section before you get there. Security Level: 3

3. Night City Museum:
Clean, modern and inviting, the museum’s labyrinthine layout is designed to make exploring the building as much fun as discovering the past. It is remarkably well-stocked, as Richard Night was quite an art collector in his early years. There are many priceless antiques and original works by master painters, though the more valuable a given item is, the more likely it is to be found underground, where the security is notoriously tight. The building is also popular for clandestine meetings, as surveillance is quite difficult for outside parties, and the museum security system is not built for eavesdropping.
Security Level: 1 (3 on lower levels)

4. Burroughs Municipal Library:
The library is an aggregate of buildings in several architectural styles, and is one of the very few parts of the City Center that shows a lack of foresight and planning. Despite this handicap it’s very well organized, and has an extensive collection. By far the most impressive asset are the CD-ROM stacks, which have digital copies of every major newspaper and magazine since the tum of the millennium. This can be accessed only through the library’s rental terminals, which can browse and print out copies (with a .50cent per page charge). Extensive computer security hardware and software ensure that the stored data is untampered with.
Security Level: 1

5. Marclnl’s:
Marcini’s is a large, quiet and elegant department store, where Corps send their spouses to buy items for the home. Almost anything can be found here, along with designer labels and heart-stopping prices. Shopping at Marcini’s is a status symbol in Night City (and many other cities around the world).

Marcini’s is most famous for their extensive lingerie collection, which generates a surprising fraction of their income (particularly among Corp mistresses). They also have a counter-espionage department where many defensive systems can be purchased. It’s against Marcini’ s policy to sell anything that can be used for espionage; everything here is strictly defensive or preventative. Security is friendly but strict, and there is even a private taxi service (between shoppers’ homes and the store).
Security Level: 2

6. Grandmlll:
Grandmill is the inevitable consequence of a society where jaded execs make mountains of money. The entire building is stocked with startlingly expensive and very unusual items for the self-indulgent…sort of a DAK or Sharper Image run amok. The hyper-modern decor, all sparkling white and mirrored with pointillist lighting, focuses the shopper’s attention on the merchandise. Most of the stuff is not much more than stylized gizmos, but some of the items are truly novel and useful. Regardless, if it’s wierd, these people have it in stock.

There’s no organization in the store; half the fun of shopping here is finding things you didn’t know existed. Grandmill also has a voice-activated and self-motivated computer system (“You seem lost. May I help you find something, sir?”) to help shoppers locate a specific item.

Several of the floors in the middle of the building have been ripped out. Here shoppers can find the specialty vehicle department, where items like minibuses, helicopters, and yachts lie suspended in acrylic over the heads of the customers below. The vehicles are not entirely encased, and shoppers are welcome to enter them. Should someone purchase one of these, a freight elevator at the east end of the building can carry it to the roof, where a waiting cargo chopper will deliver it from Grandmill’s helipad to wherever the customer desires.
Security Level: 2

7. Burleson Tower (and associated structures):
Burleson Construction Company was in charge of a lot of the construction in downtown Night City, and went bankrupt shortly after Mob businesses took over. The Mob left the
building standing and the name unchanged as a monument to their victory.

Poor maintenance has resulted in the slow deterioration of this building, which has finally ended up as a hotel. The rates are high, for despite the condition of the building, it’s convenient to the City Center, Corporate Center, and financial district. There are also a number of joygirls working the hotel, and there’s a massage parlor operating on the third floor.

The top three floors of the building are occupied by Totentanz, a poorly-surpervised club where a lot of gang members go to work up some adrenaline before getting laid. The music is loud, the drinks strong, and the patrons rowdy to an extreme. The local ambulance companies no longer make runs here, because too many of the casualties of this club couldn’t pay their bills. Late at night, groups of gangers will make trips to Medicross Preservation (on High Street near Sterling) to finance their next round of drinks.

The NCPD lets Totentanz stay open for two reasons: one; it kills the punks, and two; the gangs would get very upset if the place got closed down.

The two-story building east of the tower used to be a general store. It went out of business several years ago, and has remained deserted ever since. Lord only knows what goes on inside there now. Rumor has it that the City plans to buy the building for a municipal annex.
Security Level: 0

8. Zenger’s Electronics:
Zenger’s is in the business of buying and selling cases and carloads of commercial silicon. If you need a shipment of electronics, or information on other people’s shipments, Zenger’s is a good place to start. Wholesaler and jobber, Zenger’s supplies bulk quantities of materials to retailers like Jullus’ in Little Italy.
Security Level: 1

9. Wing Chang, “Sustenance of the Emperors” (and associated structures):
Wing Chang is the single most expensive restaurant in the city, running $200 per person, flat rate. The entrance is a covered turnabout at the north end of the block, where valets take your car to the parking garage to the north. The restaurant itself is long and rather narrow, but each table occupies a separate soundproofed room. The decor is ornate and authentic. It is not at all touristy, and very luxurious.

There is no menu; you are simply served a Chinese banquet. But what a banquet! A seemingly endless variety of authentic Chinese cooking, artfully executed and served in copious quantity. The all-Chinese staff has a knack for knowing exactly how and when to serve things, which is hardly surprising since most of the employees have been doing this all their lives.

Certain corporations have taken out a contract with Wing Chang; for a membership fee, (presumably a staggering amount), the corporation’s top execs can eat there whenever they want. This is a favorite place for the power business luncheon, although the budding young exec must remember that the waiting list is about three months long.
Security Level: 2

10. The Holy Church of God:
Right next to Wing Chang is the Holy Church of God. This ornate, fundamentalist church has survived the departure of the largely religious mobsters quite well; many corporate execs go here to ease their conscience. The bell tower also serves as a broadcast antenna for KNOW, the church’s religious radio station, which pretends to be part of a national chain of Christian stations. The station manager (Dieter Scheumann) is able to generate a lot of revenue by broadcasting a variety of “charity” programs under the
pretense of Christian network programming – "Just send your donations to P.O. Box … ". If anyone ever catches on, the station (and therefore the church) will be in a lot of hot water. Or should we say fire?

Reverend Paul Night heads the church. He is an honest, caring man, and his wife is a person of some importance in several area charities. They are always willing to help street kids, and therefore the kids will protect them from being hassled. The Nights don’t condone this, as violence is usually involved, but that’s the way it is. Needless to say, Paul and Mary Night are unaware of KNOW’s false programming.
Security Level: 1

11. La Croix:
Trendy magazines consider this the best restaurant in Night City. More respectable sources consider it banally gimmicked. Its owner, Jaqueline duBenalle, took over the mortgage on the building from the bank, and, since the church occupying the building was having financial difficulties, foreclosed immediately. Within one month, Ms. duBenalle had opened her restaurant, having left most of the traditional religious trappings in place. The food and service are excellent, though too ‘fashionable’ for many people. They even serve French style raw seafood, which they call Sioucais.

Restaurants like this tend to prosper in urban areas, where a sizable portion of the populace believes whatever the media feeds them. La Croix is no exception; it’s always packed with Beaver wage slaves having affairs, wannabes, and movers trying to impress people. Jaqueline herself is almost always on the premises during the dinner hour, socializing with the guests, and dressed in one of her many provocative outfits. She claims to be French, though her features belie this. (Actually, her father is Algerian-French, and her mother French-Vietnamese.)
Security Level: 1

12. The ‘West Block":
The north and west sides of this block are comprised of a continuous series of older three-story buildings housing a variety of small shops, nightclubs, bars, and restaurants. Most of these shops have a life-span of about two years, although the Metropolltan Barbecue and Grlll (an excellent and inexpensive steak house and bar) has been around since the 90’s.
Security Level: 0

13. Fantasy Unllmlted:
The building on the southeast corner of the block houses the offices of Fantasy Unlimited, an unusual service company founded by Alice Forge in 2013. Fantasy Unlimited has slowly clawed its way from an out-of-house operation to a unique business in its own niche, providing clients with whatever they desire. Fantasy is not a production company, but rather the ultimate networkers. They know where to find the necessary equipment and expertise; they get good rates with their vulpine negotiations team, and pull down a tidy profit making their clients’ dreams come true (if only for a night).

Alice Forge,a pale,raven-haired woman with an unusual sort of good looks, was raised in a disciplinarian corporate household. Her frustrated and unfulfilling childhood inspired Fantasy Unlimited,and her ruthless business acumen insured its eventual success. She has had several intimate friends, but few could abide her formidable temper.
Security Level:1

A3# 14 Puddleforge’s:
On the east side of the block just north of Fantasy Unlimited) is a large, well-stocked, used book store where copious amounts of remaindered books can be bought for a song and burned as fuel.
Security Level:O

A3# 15 Revere Courier Service:
Revere Courier Service (RCS) dominates this block with their sprawling shipping offices. RCS is a vertical monopoly, providing corporations with every type of shipping desired. They have armored cars for cash or asset transfers, cycle couriers for crosstown deliveries, and their own fleet of jets for same-day delivery around the world. RCS built their reputation on emergency deliveries, and has now expanded into the standard shipping business. Most people do not yet consider this newcomer to be as reliable as UPS or United Express, so RCS is starting out somewhat slowly.
Security Level:1

A3# 16 The Del Comanado Bay Journal:
These are the offices and print facilities of a small, old fashioned newspaper.While internet have driven most newspapers to the edge of extinction,some are still fighting for survival. The Bay Journal is one of them. A very reliable source for non-biased news.
Security Level:O

A3# 17 Meridian Square:
The north side of this block is dominated by Meridian Square, an older indoor shopping mall. To the east is a parking lot with ramps leading to an underground garage. Street kids often come here to Rollerblade down the ramps and across the smooth, empty lot. Meridian Square has been having rough times since 2011, when the New Harbor Mall plex was finally opened. Over the last two years there has been a gradual increase in the number of vacant stores, despite repeated redecoration and other incentives. In fact, the only thing keeping Meridian Square afloat is the fact that they house a large number of local specialty companies who can’t afford New Harbor Mallplexes’ rent yet offer hard-to-find, unusual, handmade,or imported merchandise. This place gets real busy during Christmas and the tourist season.

A3# 18 FutSure:
The FutSure building rises from the southwest comer of the block; an unbroken expanse of gold reflective glass clean and modern enough to cast Meridian Square and the other local buildings in a bad light This locally-owned stock brokerage rents office space to a wide variety of financial and real estate concerns. Despite the company’s small size,they have a lot of brokers, all of whom deal with their clients one-on-one. Anybody with money will be welcomed here.
Security Level:2

A3# 19 ’’The Hole":
This is an assortment of smaller brick buildings on the block, each of which sports a fast-food franchise on the ground floor and small apartments on the floors above. Gang members can often be seen here, hanging out,chowing down,and surreptitiously dealing drugs to execs who come down here on their lunch hour. So far, the gang has not caused enough of a disturbance to attract the serious attention of the NCPD.
Security Level:O

A3#20 Merrill,Asukaga & Finch Business Center:
Merrill, Asukaga & Finch owns this pair of high-rise office buildings, and rents office space to non-competitive corporations (airlines and such). The exterior of the buildings is done in a sort of steel mesh (chrome to the west, gun-barrel blue to the east), which gives the appearance of an impenetrable fortress, yet still reflects light dazzlingly. Security is very tight in the buildings, and sub machine gun-toting guards can be seen patrolling the side walks around the block. Although MA&F is a high-power investment firm,they tend to primarily service corporations. Many folks don’t care for their expensive, impersonal approach, and instead go to FutSure down the street.

The parking garage to the north is large and clean,and the high rates ensure that anyone who can afford to park there will be able to find an empty slot.
Security Level:3

A3#21 The Demltrov, Koski, Pang,& Lo Law Complex:
Starting with one tower on the east side of the block, Demitrov, Koski, Pang, & Lo, an international law firm,has eventually taken over every other building here. They are currently under going some rather chaotic reorganization, as their original building is being converted to a hotel of sorts, filled with suites for their lobbyists to entertain government employees and apartments to house their clients and visitors. In the meantime, offices in the other skyscraper are being pressed into service as suites, and the displaced office workers have been moved to the assorted smaller buildings on·the south side of the block. Since they were unsuited to this use, they are also being renovated around the employees. Productivity and morale has dropped during this time,and confidence in DKP&Lis wavering. Only time will tell if this has been a costly mistake for the firm.
Security Level:2

A3 #22 NCART City Center Station:
On the south side of 5th street wedged between the cold glass high rises of Demitrov, Koski,Pang, & Lo, wide concrete stairs lead down to the NCART station. There have been sporadic attempts by the City to keep the stairs clean and the brass railings polished,but the fumes, dust and trash integral to a subway line keeps them gritty.

The platform itself is a typical concrete slab, with a few molded concrete benches scattered about. There is a shoeshine stand tended by an ancient Hispanic man, a small over priced barber shop,and a news stand with newspapers, books, etc.

The Transit Police keep the platform clear of beggars and addicts, but there are a large number of young boys and girls here at all hours of the day, plying their trade. Rumor has it that some are so skilled they can administer their services on a crowded train with no one else being the wiser. There are also those who make aggressive passes at prospective clients as a cover to pick pockets.

The juvie gangers refer to this station as “the Zoo.” This is their most popular hangout, because the security is loose and the clients less depraved than those found in the Plaza Center station (aka “the Jungle”),yet the money is every bit as good. Despite the fact that most of the kids are hooked on one or more illegal drugs, they know the letter of the law and can avoid doing anything technically illegal when trying to turn a trick. That, and the fact that their customer base is made of rich tax payers,prevents the Transit Police from running them off, although NCART has mounted a few sting operations. Security Level:O

A3#23 Bay Area Savings & Loan Building:
Bay Area S&L stock has been way down since 2009, when the Corporate takeover caused a lot of their outstanding loans to go default. Since then,they’ve been struggling to regain their feet, and the local business community suspects them of some shaky dealings. The top half of the building is rented by Administrative & Clerical Services, Inc., which in turn subleases office space and secretarial services to a large number of high-powered small business concerns.

The BASL building is starting to show its age; since BASL has been unable to afford any renovation, work which should have been started two or three years ago has gone wanting. If ACS moves out, it will leave BASL in very dire straits indeed. Security Level:1

City Center

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