Aging industrial neighborhood with many interesting inhabitants. If you live in Northside, you’re dealing up front and personal with gangs. Home to many successful businesses in the last few years, a constant gang presence still threatens the area’s welfare, and makes this one of the city’s worst areas for gang violence. The gangs are involved in a constant turf war, after being pushed out of the Corporate Zone to the south and the civic compelexes to the east. The Northside District is responsible for a full forty percent of the gang-related fatalities in the downtown area.
1. The Widmark:
This class flophouse is the home turf of the Black Death. The rents are cheap and the rooms are infested with all types of vermin, human and otherwise. Stay here at your own risk. A constant stream of John and Jane Doe’s are pulled from these rooms with their throats slit for as little as four dollars and change. Though right across from the police station, the local cops view these murders as scum killing scum and only come over to pick up the pieces. Security Level: 0

2. Meratis Warehouse:
On the surface, this is a warehouse used for the storage and distribution of dried fruits by the Maratis Company, a fruit processor based in nearby pacifica. There have been numerous reports that the building also houses a source of black market weaponry used to supply the city’s gangs. There have been two recent raids by the NCPD (both have turned up nothing). Security Level: 1

3. Fax-Press:
These two buildings house the local offices of Fax-Press. The company produces several popular magazines distributed nationwide, mostly via electronic media. Titles include bestsellers SOLO OF FORTUNE and NETWORK. The building has an elite security team to provide 24 hour security (normal operating hours). Security Level: 2

4. Holy Angels Church:
Holy Angels Church is a Roman Catholic church offering traditional Latin Mass M-F at 7 a.m., Sunday at 8 a.m. and reformed Mass in English (Spanish speaking deacons available for translation.) at 8:30 Mon-Sat and 10 a.m. Sunday. The church is a three story stone structure, initially endowed by a terminally ill heiress with a guilty conscience.

Unstable world conditions and the reforms of Vatican III in 2014 have brought many alienated Catholics back to the comforting tradition of a conservative liturgy. The church is staffed by two priests; Father Kevin, a rugged fifty year old Irishman born in Belfast, who came to the church late in life, and Father Paul (from Nigeria, where the church has been a growing concern for some time). Sisters Mary Grace, Elizabeth, Ruth and Theresa also live on the premises(all living quarters are on the third floor), running the soup kitchen and catechism classes. In addition to the Sisters, there are 12 deacons (community members who hold a position in the church) including Daniel O’Flaherty, owner of the tavern across the street.

The church originally housed a small parochial school, which has since been transformed into a soup kitchen and homeless shelter. The homeless shelter can accommodate up to 250 people, and is open 24 hours a day. The only entry requirement is that all weapons be turned over to Father Kevin for safekeeping. Confiscated weapons are kept in a locked metal storage closet in Father Kevin’s study on the third floor. Shelter space is filled up starting on the first floor expanding into the second floor.

Free meals are available twice a day from 8-9 am and from 5-6 pm. Diners are not required to go to Mass (but it makes the Sisters happy). Feeding all these people isn’t cheap and Holy Angel’s is always just scraping by. Father Kevin is always on the lookout for a wealthy family or corporation that might be creatively convinced to donate.

All the stained glass windows are barred. At midnight, all doors are closed and movement sensors around the church are activated (the doors have steel cores and reinforced hinges). There is always one member of the staff on duty inside with a panic button linked to the third floor. In case of emergencies, there is always enough food and fresh water for twenty people for one month stored on the third floor. Tasers are standard issue for church staff when walking in the community. Deacons are also responsible for, among other things, the safety of parishioners coming into the City.

Father Kevin has invoked the sanctuary of the Church before the law on a few occasions (when trying to diffuse a tense gang situation). Whether the police desisted out of fear of God or Father Kevin is unknown. Security Level: 1

5. The Range:
This large cement building looks much like an oversized bunker from the Second World War. Its walls are soundproofed and very thick. The Range is one of the most famous indoor shooting galleries. It is run by Elaric Fail, a vet of Central American Wars. Elaric offers courses in shooting anything that can be shot; from the new high-tech compound bows to the largest of assault rifles. Courses at the Range are very expensive, but well-worth the price. It has been said that the Range is second only to Pentex in training people to handle combat firearms. Elaric also has started a free small arms workshop for the citizens of the district, to counter victimization by gangs. Security Level: 2

6. O’Flaherty’s Tavern:
O’Flaherty’s Tavern serves good Irish whiskey and hearty Irish home cooking seven days a week, 12 pm – 4 am. officially (and to the Night City Irish community at any time). It is a dark a quiet place with private, high-backed wood booths, a salvaged long bar (real oakwood!), and TV Screens always set to soccer and rugby matches.

The tavern is patronized by the largely Irish and Italian attendees of Holy Angels Catholic Church across the street, and is a good lunch spot for local businesses. The beer and corned beef also draws in teachers and students from the Range (this is its own kind of security).

Police believe that owner Daniel O’Flaherty harbors local countrymen in trouble in the rooms upstairs, and suspect the bar itself of being a stop on the underground railroad for I.R.A. members. Deals for weapons destined for the Northern Irish Pacification Zone take place in the back booths, under cover of coppery-haired little girls going to the community room for step-dancing classes (complete with Uillean bagpipes and harps). Personal questions aren’t too appreciated; a heavily armed man at the bar could be a local Northside tech, or an I.R.A. gunner on the run. You never know.

Security consists of mini-cameras inside and out (including the restrooms), smaller laser mounts on the roof, oblivious and remote alarms, locks, motion sensor-tripped flood lights, a submachinegun under the cash register, and Joe and Pete, two four-and-a-half foot tall, Irish wolfhounds. The owner and his daughter, Bridget, live upstairs. Security Level: 2

7. The Taira Apts:
This was once a nice middle-class apartment block until the street punks moved in and scared all the families out. Now the punks infest the place. It’s a sore point with the new neighbors, and people point to it as a prime example of how the neighborhood is going to hell. Security Level: 0

8. Corrigian’s Market:
This is a small streetcorner market run by an elderly Asian woman whose husband was killed in a robbery a few years back. The punks in the area leave her alone; they suspect she has Yakuza connections. Interestingly enough, the gang members involved in her husband’s murder died under mysterious (and horrible) circumstances about a week after the crime. Security Level: 0

9. The Taco Hut:
This small stand sells everything except tacos. If you know the right people, it is said that the “Hut” can provide anything from drugs to automatic weapons. The small stand has been a nexus of gang violence ever since it was put up in 2015. Many fixers frequent the Hut, but never after dark. Security Level: 0

10. The Shooting Gallery:
This building is part of The Range. Like its neighboring building, it seems like nothing more than a solid slab of cement. Unlike the other building, however, this one lacks doors or windows, and the only way to gain entry is through an underground tunnel that runs between the Range and the Gallery. In this building, heavy weapons are stored, and classes on their use are also held here. Security Level: 2

11/12. Deveron Showroom:
These two building were once owned by a larger corporation that tried to settle in this area. The corporation was dissolved in 2016 and the building were sold to individual businesses. Now these two buildings are showrooms for vehicles. The ceilings on both buildings are equipped with lifts to take the AV’s from the showroom to the roof if needed. After several instances of gang violence in the showrooms, the dealer entered into a security contract with Pentex, making these two buildings the best defended in the Northside Dsitrict, but security ignores anything not threatening the buildings themselves. Security Level: 3

13/14. The Ron Walker Showroom:
With two buildings housing one of Night City’s biggest auto showrooms, this is where all the lower level corporates go to buy their new cars. Ron Walker carries all makes and styles, from the newest designs from Japan to solid domestic models. The showrooms are multi-leveled, with each level housing a different manufacturer. Walker has entered into an Pentex security contract similar to that of the Deveron showrooms. Security Level: 3

15. The Sandorf Hotel:
This building is officially condemned, but is occupied anyway. The Sandorf is owned and operated by a coalition of smaller gangs in the district, who keep the place standing to keep a ceiling over their heads. The building is also a contested turf area, with drive-by firebombings happening every few days. Security Level: 0

16. The Pit:
Once a low-rent housing unit, the Pit stood empty for nearly five years. Finally, the gangs moved in. The entire structure is now the home turf of the Slaughterhouse, one of the most dangerous and powerful gangs in the city. There has only been one attempt to oust them (by a realtor who was selling the building), but the private security force he employed quit after suffering heavy casualties in an attempt to “reason” with the gang. The entire building is run-down during the day and always avoids the Pentex security team in the nearby AV dealership (who just want an excuse). The cops have yet to enter the picture. Security Level: 0

17. The Uptown Mall:
This building was renovated by a contractor and turned into an indoor mall. Unfortunately, for him, the mall attracted more gangs than it did regular shoppers. Now the entire building is one giant gang hideout. Almost a dozen gangs claim small sections of the mall as turf; accordingly, the space is now filled with businesses equipped to better serve the new clientele. Within the mall one can find weapons shops carrying anything from pistols to illegal automatic weapons, black market drugs, joy girls, and generally the worst wares Night City has to offer. The Mall is a very dangerous place to be after dark. The gangs are very territorial, and often kill at the slightest offense. Occasionally, just to make a point, the Slaughterhouse comes across the sidewalk to do some damage to the lesser gangs. Security Level: 0

18. Night City Technical Exchange:
This tower houses the offices of the N.C.T.E. Operated by a coalition of powerful techies throughout the City, the Exchange is a centerpoint for new technologies being developed in the Night City area (it is rumored that the Exchange can find any item of technology that exists, and if it doesn’t exist, can usually create it). Techies are welcome to join the Exchange The Exchange is a powerful organization, with members in almost all major corporations. Security Level: 3

19. Everything And More:
This middle-class department store has just that – everything and more. Everything and More has departments for wears, clothing, nomadic living, hipster fashion, you name it. Price are reasonable, and the service is good. The store hires private security to guard against gang violence, so the area is relatively safe. Security Level: 1

20. The Renwald Plaza:
This building is a collection of small industrial businesses, only three are on steady ground. Mexal, a designer of custom electronics, occupies the top two floors. Recion, an independent chemical research lab, occupies the basement. Psycol is a therapy house for registered mental patients occupying the rather heavily armored fourth floor. Security Level: 2

21. Dynalar Technologies:
This large steel and glass building houses the west coast regional offices and manufacturing plant for Dynalar Technologies, a prosthetic limb design and production company. Dynalar has plants in several major cities in the United States, with its main headquarters in Dallas. Dynalar does have a ground level sales floor and demonstration area open to the public. Security Level: 2

22. Security Specialists Inc:
This business specializes in small, often individual, security contracts. When you can’t afford Pentex, Security Specialists is a wise second choice. They handle everything from alarm systems to fully armed, well-trained guards on station 24-hours a day. Many small local businesses come to them for their security needs. Affordable and very reliable. Security Level: 2

23. Recording Systems:
This up and coming recording studio has a reputation for taking chances, recording and distributing albums for relatively unknown artists whose stuff they like. This open door policy has made RS a rising star in the recording industry, and many of its new discoveries have gone on to become international stars. The company is now accepting tryouts for new bands and solo acts. If they like your sound, they’ll almost certainly write a contract. There have been rumors that Recording Systems is owned by DMS, but both companies deny it. Security Level: 1

24. Parking Garage:
The multi-leveled carport for the area. Security is good during the day, but don’t leave your car overnight if you’re fond of it. Security Level: 1


25. Fury Sounds Audio Electronics:
Run by ex-rocker Mike “Fury” Crosanti, this is a high level retail shop devoted to sounds. Here you can buy everything from audio to car speakers. Mike’s staff is well-versed in all fields of audio; if it makes, record, or modifies sound, they know about it and probably sell it. Security Level: 1


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