Upper East Side

Upper Eastside, one of the commercial sections of Night City, has suddenly found Itself In the trenches of the war against urban decay. Here you’ll find the oil-and-water mix of heavy metal and soft velvet: hard rockers who’ll crush your skull and soft corps who’ll crush your life.

Upper Eastside, thanks to its proximity to the City Center and the police, was long considered a safe area. Most felt that the presence of the rich corporations would keep the streets in showcase style. Slowly, though, other businesses moved in, taking advantage of the convenient central location to offer their wares to gangs around the city; the Slammer and Metalstrom to name a few of the most notorious.

The first businesses were essentially nighttime concerns, so the problem was easily ignored by the Corps, who had long since commuted to their suburban castles. But other businesses rapidly followed suit; places like Metal Heaven and Kitty Liquor, until one day the Corporate workers woke up to see gangers walking down the streets, shouting, drinking,
and generally spoiling the lunch hour.

The atmosphere of this area has gotten harsher, and the decay threatens to continue. Meanwhile, the gangs are here to stay, and the corps want them out… now. All is not quiet on the Eastern Front.


1. Allworld Insurance
This multi-level structure is the Region 8 headquarters of Allworld Insurance, a company that specializes in industrial coverage. The architect intended the building to look strong and old-fashioned, to reflect the company’s stolidity and reliability. Instead, the building just looks squat and ugly. The upper story is an aviation pad.

The north end of the block is a large (10m high) enclosure built of very thick reinforced concrete. This structure houses the physical evidence gathered by Allwortd investigators for further inspection by forensic engineers. Short of very heavy explosives, the only entry from the street is the long ramp from the south. This entry has two checkpoints sealed by heavy steel doors (ain’t no one gonna tamper with Allworld’s evidence). The concrete walls are covered roof to gutter with wildstyle graffiti and urban murals. There is also a dataterm in the lobby of the Allwortd building.
Security Level: 2

2. Aquadynamics
These converted warehouses are actually the main research laboratories for Aquadynamics, a firm specializing in fluid technology and synthetic foods derived from a plankton base. The outer walls have been rebuilt from the original corrugated steel to concrete and bulletproof plexi, so as to prevent industrial espionage and potential toxic chemical leakage.
There are no luxury accommodations in these buildings; this is a purely industrial site. Given the number of hydroponics tanks and other research equipment, any firefight in this area will be rather messy. The lack of exterior lighting makes this a popular hangout after dark.
Security Level: 1

3. The Slammer
The Slammer started out many years ago as a small speed metal/punk rock club. Over the years, the constant standing-room only crowds have generated so much income that The Slammer has expanded to cover the entire south and east sides of this block. Currently owned by Suds Joliet, a former Booster and Rocker, this bar and arena is favored by gangs, posers, junkies, addicts, the occasional big wig, and any other brave souls who love hardcore punk rock.
Although many people come to drink or meet with prospective contacts, the main attraction of this bar is the Arena, and thankfully so. Were it not for the vicarious pleasure offered by the Arena, there’d be constant brawls in this club.
The interior of The Slammer is close, due to both the large number of small tables, and the number of patrons. It’s a miracle if you can walk to the bar without bumping half a dozen people and getting in the same number of shouting matches or brief scuffles. Pickpockets are common here, though novices don’t last long.
The structure on the east side of the block is called the Arena, and is built out of several layers of cinder blocks. It’s used to settle disputes between gangs (free of charge, but there’s a waiting list). These battles usually take place between two or three of a gang’s best fighters, but wars of up to ten or fifteen people on a side have been known to happen. Under an unwritten code of the Street, a gang who accepts a challenge must abide by the “decision” rendered by the outcome of the battle.
Between the Arena and the club proper are betting booths (run by the club) and a medical center staffed by a renegade surgeon known as Vaso. There are also glass walkways above the Arena where those who can afford the ticket price can stand and watch the battles below. Those of a rougher edge often engage in intercourse while watching a battle.
The gang presence in this area, coupled with the nearby NCPD station and security guards, makes walking these streets about as enjoyable as bird-watching in a DMZ.
Security Level: 1

4. Barstow Enterprises
BE is a trucking firm that bases their operations out of these buildings. On most days ten to twenty trucks make pickups and deliveries here. The garage and loading dock are unfortunately located right next to the entrance to The Slammer. Although somewhat tolerant of the rowdy punks that patronize The Slammer, many of the truckers are not discreet in voicing their opinions, which has led to altercations in the past. Some of the trucks sport little pedestrian symbols on the driver’s door.

The northernmost building in this complex is the office, which contains BE’s dispatch system, financial records, etc. The three buildings providing a buffer zone between the office and The Slammer are all warehouses, containing merchandise of little worth to boosters. For example, the largest building (4a) is a large refrigerated warehouse with wholesale amounts of liver pate, caviar, cream cheese with raspberries, and other foodstuffs gang members wouldn’t be caught dead eating. The other warehouses contain merchandise for area markets, large heavy items like refrigerators, and other items of little interest to the true punk.
Security Level: 1

5. Metalstrom
Metalstrom is large ‘club’ catering to the hardest (and loudest) of chromatic rock tastes. It was designed in an attempt to blend the best of both rock bar and concert hall, and the resulting ambiance is quite unsettling. Fortunately, most of the patrons are too brain-dead to notice, so the place is a success.

The decor borders on the indestructible. Bars and mirrors are polished steel (dented with abuse), and chairs and tables are made of resilient plastic. After much experimentation (and
financial outlay), the owner of the club (a canny corporate who hates music) decided to purchase ‘breakaway’ furniture. The chair and tables fall apart when overstressed, which makes brawls inside Metalstrom look like a Hollywood western. The fighters naturally credit their brawny physiques. Although the club doesn’t open until 4:00 PM, workers arrive here every morning at 9:00 AM to reassemble the furniture.

Bands which make regular appearances include Armed Havoc, Blood and Ice, and the Destructors. Most of the juves who attend this club are armed, as the gangs enjoy their violence almost as much as their music. Although the reputation of the bar precedes itself, many still come to fight, drink and dance.

Due to the extremely territorial nature of gamgs, many fights have started over who has the right to control the area surrounding Metalstrom. Finally, in a mass battle with single representatives from each gang inside the Slammer’s arena, it was decided that the BackAlleyBrowlers, a vigilante gang, would control the block. Although the police don’t spend much time patrolling this area, it’s prettywell-behaved; it’s well known that members of the Brawlers deal out street justice to those violating the local code of conduct (as posted
around the block by the Brawlers).

Security Level: 1
6. Kitty Liquor
When the Metalstrom opened in 2006, Mark MacGerald saw a fabulous opportunity for money making and purchased the fabric store next door. After a short period of greasing the right palms, he wound up with a liquor distribution license and opened his discount warehouse, which immediately became popular with those patrons of Metalstrom who didn’t want to pay six dollars for a Smash. Not wishing the wrath of a rich corp, he managed to convince the owner of Metalstrom to allow him to supply their liquor needs as well (with a radical discount) so no one lost money in the process.

MacGerald openly sells liquor in defiance of local laws, selling at all times of day and to minors. The constant crowd of liquor-emboldened gangs make the City Council reluctant to order his arrest. Riots have been threatened if Kitty Liquor gets closed, and the council doesn’t want to see this area go up in smoke. They still have vague hopes of cleaning it up.
Security Level: 0

7. Warehouses
Although the main offices of Mltlfer, the art importers, are located in one of the corporate towers, they also own these two warehouses that are used to store the acquired pieces while awaiting passage through customs. The buildings are thoroughly sealed to protect against (interior) vandalism. Mitifer has been trying to unload the buildings, but due to the proximity of Metalstrom, Metal Heaven, and Kitty Liquor (all of whom attract lowlifes), no one is willing to meet their price. If Mitifer ever lowers its price, expect another gang-oriented business to open up there soon after.
Security Level: 0

8. Metal Heaven
Billed as the audiophile’s nirvana, this building houses supplies for every music need. On the first floor, there’s a full line of domestic, imported, and garage discs, albeit at inflated prices. If you can’t find the album, they’ll order it for you, and they’re rumored to be able to find any music ever recorded. Their rep is so good that, in spite of the gangs, corps will come here regularly to pick up their classical CDs. Metal Heaven also has a trio of dobermans to ensure these well-paying customers don’t get hassled.

Downstairs there’s a small recording studio, which they rent out at outrageous rates. The quality is good, but not excellent, and they’ll produce and package your album for you.

But it’s the upstairs that deserves the most attention. Have you ever dreamed of a twelve-string bass with active pickups, fretless neck, fully-programmable drum machine, parametric equalizer and nine other optional effects, hand-carved and painted with the pigment of a rare Australian plant that causes the instrument to glow under certain lighting conditions? Now, for the right price, it can be yours. This music store specializes in custom instruments, though they carry all major brands as well. With specialist technicians on hand at all times, they can take your dream and turn it into an instrument you can play.

There’s also a badly-abused ATM on the northeast corner of this block.

Security Level: 1
9. DeskMate Corp.
This block is taken up by the DeskMate Corporation’s main offices. A company whose main assembly line is but a part of this complex, DeskMate specializes in low-cost ultra-compact (and cheaply built) laser printers. The corporation maintains its offices, laboratories, and assembly areas within a draconian security system, which includes several on-line cameras, various warning devices and cameras, plenty of steel gates, and a hired private security force who don’t appreciate their 6.25$ an hour jobs enough to die for them.

A small donut shop sublets the southwest part of this building. Heavily frequented by corps by day and gangs by night, it is rumored that you can buy ‘special’ donuts here if you know the code. NCPD Narcotics agents have been unable to prove this either way. There is also a small wifi area on the southeast corner of this block, and a better-equipped one in
the main lobby.
Security Level: 1

10. Windemere’s
Known city-wide as the Giant’s Chair, the buildings that compose this block are actually a world-respected art gallery flanked north and east by private apartments and the studios in which art restoration is done for the gallery. Due to the expensive art objects that are often shown and stored here, security is extremely heavy, with live-in armed guards in fortified kiosks and vehicles making sure all “undesirables,” especially gangers on their way to The Slammer, are kept away from the premises. Although there is an agreement between the gangs and the security forces, about once a month the security is tested by drunken juvegangers, who are lucky to escape with their lives (let alone all their body parts).
Security Level: 3

11. NNews
Reminiscent of an old-time newsstand, the NNews building is really a souped-up data term. It has ten stations from which one may access any published material from the local web to international magazines. There is also a small vendor at the east end, run by a marginally intelligent vendor. Don’t even think.about stealing a can of Smash; the
vendor has been known to chop the hands off would-be thieves. Or so they say.
Security Level: 0

12. Cafe Chrome
So you’ve always thought you were one of the beautiful people, but were somehow shuffled out of the deck? Everyone knows that the Cafe is the place to be, so that’s where you go to party in hopes that someone will recognize your true nature and sweep you away from it all. During the day, many Corps come to enjoy the informal 50’s decor and discuss their various business interests. The nights are dominated by the juvegang, young adult and rocker crowds who come to the Cafe to party, and possibly get a glimpse of their favorite stars while enjoying the atmosphere.

Security doesn’t seem like much, but given the famous people who often come here to party, don’t let yourself get too complacent. In addition to the cameras and the bouncers, fans wishing to mob their favorite stars will also have to deal with whatever security the stars have brought with them. Cafe Chrome relies on this, but when all else fails, steel doors have been rigged to drop (no, not shut nicely, DROP) in all doorways, sealing each room. The occupants therein are on their own until Cafe Chrome manages to hire an Pentex team to swing by.

The exterior is another matter, and frequently gangs will hang out here to prey on the weaker teeny-boppers, or just to climb the palms and spit on the Corps.

The southeastern building in this compound is a valet parking garage. Stealing a car from here would be extremely difficult at best. Cafe Chrome is entered through the foyer In the center; the restaurant and kitchen are to the west, and the bar and dance floor are to the east. While there are back doors to the place, they are rigged with fire alarms. And speaking of fires—better hope the steel doors don’t drop if one breaks out…
Security Level: 1

13. All-RX Drugs
This building contains a branch of a nationwide commercial low-end drug store. These folks have started delivering prescriptions to outpatients from the various hospitals in the Medical Center (section B-4). With the recent addition of a pharmacy for prescriptions, it is rumored that several pharmacists are using the lab area to create designer drugs which they sell on their own time. These drugs are supposedly distributed by GutterRat, an almost mythical fixer who allegedly frequents this area. The store stocks nothing valuable, as they have had a lot of theft problems. The security is tough enough to handle street people and derelicts, but not much more.
Security Level: 0

14. Systems Original
This is a computer software firm which manufactures networking software similar to that used in the Net. Once on-line, a user needs only move their representative icon to the destination desired and they will be able to access the necessary data. The actual shipping and storage of the software packages is done from a warehouse in Pacifica. At night, steel portcullises drop in front of the doors and windows..
Security Level: 0

15. CalBank Building
This bank building is also home to several international law firms as well as CTC (a corporate insurance company) and Manfred’s, an expensive German restaurant which specializes in dishes prepared with Japanese Kobe veal. The lobby is open-air (to illustrate CalBanks “open door” policy), but automatic APEX machineguns sweep the area at night Security is on the second floor, and may be buzzed by intercom to acquire passage.
Security Level: 1

16. Delany Transport Plaza
This building is dedicated to the leasing and sale of any and every transportation device available. The ground floors are occupied by Auto Toys International, who specialize in imported automobiles. They will also customize, to your specifications, any existing vehicle you may own. Auto Toys leases the rest of the building to other firms, from whom one can obtain bulk shipping, locomotives, 787s, and anything else.
Security Level: 2

17. Parkinson’s Place
When Larsen Parkinson began selling customized electronics integrated into furnishings, he never imagined the response he would receive. Within months, his operations had expanded from his garage to a vast industrial park, and then to a chain of stores that specialized in these custom furnishings. This branch of Parkinson’s also carries an extensive selection of personal items for home and recreation.
Security Level: 1
8. CiNEmaXUS
This is an old-fashioned theater as well as an arcade. It has fallen on hard times in recent years, with the presence of more and more punks on the streets at night, heading to
Metalstrom, Metal Heaven_, or the Slammer_. The presence of this riffraff is driving the corporate clientele of this theater elsewhere, and daytime crowds alone are not enough to meet the bills. There are rumors that the theater will start catering to the streetpunks, thereby compounding the deterioration of this area.
Security Level: 1

19. Global Foods
Originally a department store, this multilevel food emporium caters to any taste imaginable. The owner, Raymond Krok, has a standing challenge for someone to come up with a dish that the restaurant section cannot prepare. Although there have been many takers, no one has yet to win the prize of a month-long, all expenses paid trip to anywhere in the world.

One of the more entertaining occurrences happens when an uninformed ganger walks into this corporate diner and deliberately orders something particularly disgusting. Much to his surprise, the dish is prepared, and the building security will assist the hapless diner in eating his entire meal. They also won’t let him leave to get his stomach pumped until he pays.

The restaurant proper is very stylish, carefully decorated in culturally neutral style, and crowded every day between 10:30 am and 3:00 pm. In the middle of the block is the kitchen, where food is stored and prepared. The east end of the block is dominated by a series of take-out stalls, where busy people can grab a bite on the run. The types of food available change often, but variety can be counted upon.

The open area is occupied by a ATM, and (at times), a booster puking his guts out while corporates stand around and place bets on his constitution.
Security Level: 2

20. Modern Office
This is a typical office furniture store, although the products run heavy on the glitz end of the spectrum. From the brushed steel logo to the canted arrangement of the building, this store is designed to snare the young corporate trying hard to buy an image as a CEO. Much more effort goes into making the furniture stylish, as opposed to, say, functional. Needless to say, the store is quite profitable.
Security Level: 1

21. The Advocet
This place bills itself as being a luxury hotel, and with good reason. With Wi-fi in each room as well as a gym, spa, casino, shopping arcade and nightclub/lounge, the owners feel their customers, mainly businessmen, will spend their money inside the hotel and keep the profits up. If extralegal activities (drugs, illegal dances or the like) are desired by visiting businessmen, the hotel concierge can arrange the desired “service.” Since this “service” is offered to in-house guests only, police attention has not been focused in this direction … yet. All this results in a lot of rich, though questionable characters renting the upper penthouse suites. Rock stars are common here.

The Advocet and the Haven ford are generally booked full the entire year due to their proximity to the Night City Convention Center.
Security Level: 2

22. The Havenford Hotel
This hotel also advertises itself as a “luxury” hotel, but is really no better than the average Howard Johnson’s. On the other hand, it has much better rates than the Advocet. The Havenford focuses on their business clientele which rotate through the rooms at weekly intervals. The rooms are functional and there is a Wi-fi in public areas.
Security Level: 1

23. EuroBank 1
The other building on this block is the offices of EuroBank 1, a banking and commodities brokerage, specializing in international finance. Although situated away from the Corporate Center, many corporate representatives arrange for their commodity services to be handled here.
Security Level: 2

24. Night City Fire Station #1
This fire station (one of two serving the Night city area) is equipped with the most sophisticated fire and rescue equipment available. Utilizing both a ground and an air fleet, the fire division stationed here prides itself on being the best firefighting team in the state

The smaller building to the east houses the garage for fire vehicles. Very loud sirens ensure that no one will remain on the sidewalk when an alarm is called. Two indelible stains attest that there are still some deaf people in Night City.

In addition to the dining and living areas, the upper floors of the larger building are used by the firefighters to simulate and practice rescue situations. Because of the large number of
firefighters needed, the city has begun a recruitment drive in the armed forces, suggesting that with the amount of dangerous work firemen get involved in, firefighting would be a logical career choice for someone used to assault-style situations.
Security Level: 1

25. Long Last Books
This bookstore is owned by a couple who, in resistance to the publishing combines, only sell books by independent companies, as well as rare, out of print, banned, or hard-to find books. Although they charge exorbitant rates, their stock is genuine, and though it may take them ten years or more to find something, they never stop looking. This store’s defiance of social norms has brought them immunity from the gangs, but not from the corps.
Security Level: 0

26. StreeTemps
Although it does not advertise itself as such (and in fact does not advertise itself at all), this is a well-known agency used to hire down-on-their-luck punks for run-of-the-mill, though
nonetheless questionable, activities. Those who use StreeTemps still prefer working the Street itself for larger operations. StreeTemps does not require any information on what the actual service will be, just what skills are required. Ignorance thus becomes a pat legal defense. They are allowed to remain in business because they are secretly a branch of the NCPD, and keep an eye out for problem areas and potential psychos and sociopaths.
Security Level: 1

Upper East Side

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